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Quote1.png Wolverine was just the warm-up act. Didn't you hear? This is what happened when the moderates were in charge-- What the hell they gonna do now that the lunatics are running the show? Quote2.png
Colonel Fury

Appearing in "Enemy of the State: Part 6"

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Synopsis for "Enemy of the State: Part 6"

Wolverine attacks the Xavier Institute, taking Rachel Summers hostage and forcing her to use Cerebra to assassinate the President of the United States. The plan backfires and forces Wolverine to try to escape the heavily guarded Mansion in the X-Jet, killing Northstar before being beat down by Captain America. While the X-Men mourn Northstar, Nick Fury plans his next move with Wolverine in custody.

Solicit Synopsis

Tough love takes on a whole new meaning when Wolverine, brainwashed and evil, comes home to the X-Mansion for his most damaging Hydra mission yet.

  • Are the X-Men and Nick Fury ready for him? The blistering storyline speeds to a breakneck conclusion you have to see to believe!

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