Quote1.png If you knew who I really was... what I've done... I'm a monster. Quote2.png
-- Winter Solider

Appearing in "Origins & Endings: Part IV of V"

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Synopsis for "Origins & Endings: Part IV of V"

Ever since the House of M ended, Wolverine has found out about his past...ALL of his past. The people that have wronged him will now find it a little harder to sleep at night, because ol' Wolvie is out for blood. After a confrontation with the Silver Samurai, he learned where the Weapon X program was conducted: Department K. With his memory restored, he remembers two horrible incidents, both which Bucky, a.k.a. The Winter Soldier, was present at. Bucky has a lot of answering to do, and Bucky tells us the horrible truth about how he's wronged Wolverine......

Solicit Synopsis

The secret is out. Wolverine remembers. Everything. The entire blood-stained tapestry of his long, tortured life.

  • And now that's it's been laid out before him in vivid detail, there's only one question: What's his first move? Well, whatever it is, it's brought him to Russia for an encounter with the legendary warrior known as the Winter Soldier.
  • One thing's for sure -- they're headed for a major turf battle. Question is, can they find common ground?

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