Quote1 And all on account of you bein' scared. Scared'a offendin' the humans. Scared'a gettin' in the middle. Of gettin' involved. Which is funny, since I thought playin' dress-up in the spandex was all about us gettin' involved. Quote2
-- Logan

Appearing in "Vendetta Part 5: Payback"

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Synopsis for "Vendetta Part 5: Payback"

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • The "Mandroid" armor shown in this issue looks more like a purple and green version of the Guardsmen armor. Whether the two have just merged into one armor now, or if it's a mistake is unclear.
Quote1 If I count up their percentages, I know they're getting rich, but they haven't taken everything - those paybacks are a &*$%. Quote2
--Billy Joel

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