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Quote1.png So you're saying I killed the angel of death and now I get a second bite at the apple whenever I die? Quote2.png

Appearing in "Logan Dies Part 2: Curaetar"

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Synopsis for "Logan Dies Part 2: Curaetar"

Dr. Strange visits the body of Wolverine on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. He speaks with Tony Stark about Logan's condition. Strange informs Stark that Logan's mind is physically fine, but that Logan's soul is gone. Unlike a zombie (which inhabits a deceased body), Logan is a Curaetar. Strange brings Logan's body back to the Sanctorum and meets Logan's soul in purgatory. Strange explains to Logan that he has lost his soul when he was blown up by Shogun. Strange also tells Logan's soul that Logan has perpetually died and battled the angel of death, Lazaer, which has taken its toll on Logan's abilities and soul. Strange convinces Logan to confront his soul.

Solicit Synopsis

While Logan remains in a comatose state after his battle with Shogun, Dr. Strange must delve deep into the mystical realms to retrieve his soul.

  • A new and frightful enemy is revealed!

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