Quote1.png You are unique, Logan. And I do not speak of what has been done to you. Is the wolf evil when it culls the sickness from the herd? Quote2.png
-- Nightcrawler

Appearing in "So, This Priest Walks into a bar"

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Synopsis for "So, This Priest Walks into a bar"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Wolverine heads to New York to meet Nightcrawler.
  • Logan has killed many people in the last several days and Nightcrawler is the only person he trusts to quiet the rage in his heart.
  • But how will Nightcrawler react to Logan’s vicious deeds?


  • The cover for this issue has gathered certain attention for being sexually suggestive. According to this issue's writer Greg Rucka (via his Tumblr), he once asked the cover's artist Esad Ribic about any undertones. Ribic simply smiled at him and told him "And nobody at Marvel noticed."

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