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Appearing in "Get Mystique! Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Get Mystique! Part 2"

In Kansas City in 1921, Raven shows Wolverine the group of misfits she gathered together under her leadership to scalp, cheat, and fleece the old west in any way possible. Wolverine saves Six-Fingered Soapy's life when he is caught cheating with six fingers. Raven suggests to Wolverine that he could be one of the group, that they could be like a family.

In present day Iraq/Syria, Wolverine is shot (again) by a group of men. Upon healing, two days later Wolverine walks into a cafe in Baghdad and easily picks up Raven's scent in the crowded room. She is currently disguised as a nun with a group of orphans and he buys her a drink. The conversation circles around why Logan wants her dead now as opposed to all the other times in their lives that their paths have crossed. Wolverine tells her it is because she betrayed the X-Men. Raven escapes out of the bar and kills a Senator while pretending to be Mistress Zahira. She quickly assimilates the Senator and rejoins the troop that is protecting him in Iraq. Wolverine follows her trail and then heads to Al Anbar where there are armed militants of some faction. He asks to speak with Mordad and to tell Mordad that "its the infidel who saved him" from the Russians in 1986.

Solicit Synopsis

Wolverine's quest for vengeance continues, taking him from the desolate hills of Afghanistan to the war-torn streets of Baghdad.

  • Along the way, with his quarry throwing more and more innocents into the line of fire, Wolverine must ask himself: just how much collateral damage can he live with?

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