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Quote1.png You want me, Logan... Well, here I am, in all my glory... Come and get me, Lover. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Get Mystique! Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Get Mystique! Part 3"

Kansas City, 1921 and Logan and Mystique are observing a federal reserve bank and plotting to rob it. Back in the present and Logan blows himself up in a car and, with help from Mordad and his men, manages to get his body into the army base where he heals and again goes after Mystique. The two meet up and have a small skirmish before again Mystique manages to escape and set some soldiers onto Logan.

Mystique then hijacks a U.S Army truck and Wolverine, having dealt with the soldiers non-lethally, goes after her again. Another flashback to 1921 shows the group doing the heist on the federal reserve bank but the police manage to foil it. Back in the present and in an area outside Baghdad, Mystique prepares for Wolverine coming to get her.

Solicit Synopsis

Wolverine’s mission has put him on the trail of the shapeshifter Mystique.

  • In an effort to evade Logan, Mystique has chosen to hide among a group of American soldiers.
  • Is Wolverine willing to cut them down to get to his prey?

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