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Appearing in "Old Man Logan: Part 1"

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Synopsis for "Old Man Logan: Part 1"

As Logan returns to his farm in the desert, he flashes back to the hours after he'd been broken, sitting on train tracks ready to die. His son, Scotty, comes up and lets him know that the family tractor is barely holding together and needs a new engine. Since they have no money, Logan discusses their options with his wife, Maureen. They can't sell any of their pigs due to their past problems with selling tainted pork. The kids propose selling their toys, but Logan refuses. His daughter, Jade, begins to ask about rumors they'd heard about their dad being a super-hero in the past, but he brushes them off, telling them that "there's no such thing as super heroes."

After the kids have gone to bed, Logan and Maureen talk about what they're going to do since they can't make rent. It seems that the landlords, Doom and The Kingpin punish people who look weak in front of them, sending goons like Bruce Banner's grandchildren in to do the dirty work.

The Hulk Gang arrives two days later in an old Fantasticar, looking more like gamma-irradiated rednecks than grandchildren of the incredible Hulk. Miss Banner, with green baby in tow, makes fun of the fact that Logan no longer goes by Wolverine, since that name died the night the rest of the heroes did. Her brothers, Otis and Charlie, are ready to dole out some punishment for not having the rent when Logan imagines popping his claws for the first time in 50 years. Instead, he takes quite a beating from the two, surprising them all when he doesn't defend himself whatsoever. The fight ends when Scotty draws a shotgun on the Hulk Gang, making them chuckle a bit before leaving, letting Logan's family know that they either come up with double the rent next month or everyone dies.

As Logan is recovering from his beating, a blind Hawkeye comes to visit, offering a chance to make the rent money he desperately needs. Hawkeye needs to get a package to the East Coast within two weeks, but can't navigate the way on his own. Logan reluctantly agrees, and they set out the next morning, saying a heartfelt goodbye to his family. As they begin their journey in the Spider-Mobile (built by Johnny Storm and modified by Hawkeye and one of his ex's), Logan reviews the journey they have to make across the kingdoms. They start out in Hulk Land, then have to cross The Kingdom of the Kingpin and Doom's Lair along with two unnamed regions before reaching The President's Quarter and New Babylon.


  • Alternate Cover by:
    • Penciler: Michael Turner
    • Digital Inks: Mark Roslan
    • Colors: Peter Steigerwald

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