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Quote1.png I will never hurt... another living soul... you can do what you like to me, boy... but I refuse to strike you back. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Old Man Logan: Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Old Man Logan: Part 2"

Continuing on their journey to New Babylon, Logan and Hawkeye are passing through a few towns and finding out what's happened to them in the last 50 years, feeling conspicuous in the Spider-Buggy.

When they make it to San Francisco, it's revealed that when the Earth's population grew to 8 billion people, the planet released the Moloids to thin out the humans, first attacking in Europe and Asia, but eventually making it to San Francisco, pulling entire buildings into the ground and slaughtering the humans that remained. As they poke around looking for survivors, they're attacked by Ghost Riders, attempting to steal their mysterious cargo. They beat the hell out of Logan, who refuses to strike back, but Hawkeye kills them all with arrows through their heads. Hawkeye is surprised at Logan's extreme pacifism, and Logan explains that it is the only reason he wasn't slaughtered with the rest of the old heroes, he's been broken.

By the time they reach Las Vegas, now re-named Hammer Falls, Hawkeye is still pondering why he was left alive out of all of the heroes as well, but gets distracted when Logan starts asking questions about the city. Hammer Falls is the number one tourist attraction in Amerika,[1] being the place that everyone visits when they pray for the heroes to return. Merchandising of hero relics is huge in town, only being allowed by the President due to the sheer volume that sells. The spot where Mjolnir sits is a particularly sacred place. Logan and Hawkeye are stopped on the street by Ultron Eight, explaining that there's a problem with Tonya, Hawkeye's third ex-wife and Peter Parker's youngest daughter. When they get to Tonya's garage, she explains that Ashley, Hawkeye and Tonya's daughter, formed a super-team with her friends and went to take down the Kingpin for the way he ran Hammer Falls, but were all captured and will soon be executed.



  • If Tonya is Peter Parker's youngest daughter, Ashley would be the granddaughter of Spider-Man.
  • Though depicted on the cover, none of the other heroes are actually in the book.

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