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Old Man Logan

Appearing in "Old Man Logan: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "Old Man Logan: Part 3"

Upon hearing about Ashley's incarceration by the Kingpin, Hawkeye decides that he has to save her. He offers double the money he's promised to Logan if Logan will drive him to rescue his daughter. Logan reluctantly agrees, on the stipulation that he will not fight, no matter what.

On the way, they drive through Cedar City, only to find that the Moloids have consumed that town just like San Francisco, leaving the last resident clinging to the Church Steeple. They leave him to fend for himself, since Ashley needs their help more than he does.

They arrive in Salt Lake City, to find most of the residents attending the Kingpin's execution of Ashley's cohorts, Punisher and Daredevil in the Rice-Eccles Stadium. (They're killed by being eaten by Dinosaurs). Upon some investigation, Logan and Hawkeye find out that Ashley's being held in an adjacent converted Walmart. Hawkeye comes up with the brilliant plan to use the Spider-Mobile to crash into Ashley's floor, (since it can drive on walls), and free her himself.

Everything goes according to plan, except when Ashley is freed, she murders the Kingpin, finally accomplishing her original goal of taking over his territory. Hawkeye is shocked and upset, especially when Ashley turns to murder him to show her strength in front of her new thugs...

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