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Appearing in "Old Man Logan: Part 6"

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Synopsis for "Old Man Logan: Part 6"

As Logan and Hawkeye head for New Babylon, they are continued being chased by a Venom-T-Rex. Elsewhere, by way of a computer, Emma Frost can see what is going on and sends in Black Bolt to drive off the creature. He disables them both.

Black Bolt, Logan, and Hawkeye are all teleported to the Mutant Forbidden Quarter, where Logan is shocked to see that Emma is still alive and looking young, by way of her psychic abilities. She explains where they are and has the Spider Mobile fixed, telling them that this is the last place on Earth that the mutant community can live without fear or persecution, and that there are only twenty left. The last mutant baby was born close to forty years ago. Before leaving, Emma tells Hawkeye that she knows what's in the box. He tells her to keep it a secret. As Logan and Hawkeye leave, Doctor Doom looks down upon his territory.

After traveling through Osborn County, Ohio, Logan and Hawkeye soon pass through Pym Falls, Connecticut where many decades ago Hank Pym was killed; his remains obstruct the roadway.

Later, Logan and Hawkeye finally reach New Babylon, where Logan sees a monument of The Red Skull defeating the Avengers. They delivering the box to a man named Tobias, the leader of the East-Coast rebellion. The contents of the box are revealed to be ninety-nine vials of the Super-Soldier Serum, for ninety-nine members of the new team of Avengers, with the mission to take down the villains in charge. Hawkeye refuses to let Tobias have the shipment without a vial for him, and a place on the team. At this point, Tobias has his men open fire on Logan, and reveals that he is actually working for the Government, and in turn, S.H.I.E.L.D.. Hawkeye refuses to beg for his life, and is shot between the eyes.

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