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Quote1.png As I watched my whole world burn to the ground that night, my first thought wasn't of revenge. That would come later. Nor was I yet worried about what would become of me, now that I was all alone. No my first thought that night was of my father's work. And that without him there to do it, it could only mean one thing... the bad guys were going to win. And thought I would be wrong about many things in the years to come, in regards to that very first thought... I was indubitably right. Quote2.png
Old Woman

Appearing in "Wolverine's Revenge! Part 2"

Featured Characters:

  • Logan (Main story and flashback)

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

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Synopsis for "Wolverine's Revenge! Part 2"

In The Red Right Hand HQ, Logan battles Shadow Stalker. As they fight, Shadow Stalker knocks Logan into a room full of Wolverine's past; Logan was shocked. Meanwhile, the unnamed woman of The Red Right Hand dwells into her past, as she remembers both her father and husband, and that they both were part of the studying of Wolverine related events and persons. She remembers Logan killing her father and Creed killing her husband. She eventually meets a young man who introduces her to The Red Right Hand. At The Red Right Hand HQ, Daken sneaks into the Red Right Hand HQ and told the young man who he was and what he was capable of. The young man then introduces her to a woman dying of cancer; a Victoria Creed. In an act of rage the woman killed Creed's mother. Meanwhile, Logan kills the Mongrel member known as Shadow Stalker.


A female member of the Red Right Hand had both her father and husband killed by Wolverine. Both seemed to be tracking people, places, and events significant in Wolverine's life.

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