Quote1 The radio said you saved the day! But I want you to know the truth! I want you to see their faces! Wolverine! You hear me?! You didn't save the day! Quote2
-- Roger

Appearing in "Wolverine's Revenge! Part 3"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Carol (Only in flashback) (Death)
  • Roger's Baby (Only in flashback) (Death)
  • Two Medics (Only in flashback)
    • Bobby (Only in flashback)
  • Old street sleeper (Only in flashback) (Apparent death)


Other Characters:


  • Mexico
    • The Red Right Hand HQ
  • Highway 18 (Only in flashback)



Synopsis for "Wolverine's Revenge! Part 3"

On the highway, Roger tries to get his pregnant wife Carol to a nearby hospital. However, Wolverine is rushing to a traffic jam caused by the Hulk and is hit by Roger's vehicle, wrecking it, and Roger has to walk Carol to a nearby hospital. But Carol and her unborn baby die in his arms, and he ends up hating Wolverine. Later, Roger encounters a man in a bar, that can help him with his Wolverine problem. So Roger makes a deal with the devil. Also Roger takes his anger out by making an old man wear a fake Wolverine costume so he could smash him to death. Meanwhile, in the Red Right Hands HQ, Wolverine encounters both Saw Fist and Fire Knives, and the fight begins and quickly ends and kills both Saw Fist and Fire Knives. Elsewhere, in the Red Right Hand HQ, Roger's gets angered and Roger is killed by Gunhawk II, and the old man then tells Gunhawk II to go on with the plan. And Wolverine then tells the Red Right Hand, "Who dies Next?!"

Solicit Synopsis

"Wolverine's Revenge" Part 3

  • Logan's long bloody fight for revenge against the Red Right Hand continues, as more details of their plot against him are revealed, along with the reasons they so deeply despise him.
  • All this, plus Daken, the devil and the Incredible Hulk.


The incident seems to refer to Incredible Hulk #340 between pages 10 and 11, although there are differences.

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This review is of Wolverine Vol 4 #12, and I gave it a 5/5.

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Wolverine Vol 4 12 Review by Peteparker

Wolverine Vol 4 12 Review by Peteparker

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