The Founder
My brother, why do you not drink?
Conversation Tail
Son (Red Right Hand) (Earth-616)
The Son
I want to be here. When he realizes what we've done to him. I want to see his face.
Conversation Tail

Appearing in "Wolverine's Revenge! Conclusion"

Featured Characters:

  • Logan (Main story and flashback)

Supporting Characters:

  • The Son's mother (Only in flashback) (Death)


Other Characters:

  • The Founder's father (Soul)
  • Nick Fury (Only in flashback)



  • Cup glasses filled with poison
  • American flag covering coffin
  • Photos of the Mongrels
  • Folder of all the faces Wolverine has murdered
  • Files on each of the Mongrels


Synopsis for "Wolverine's Revenge! Conclusion"

Before Wolverine enters the room, the Red Right Hand all kill themselves with poison. However, the young boy who's mother was killed by Wolverine states that he wants to see the expression on Wolverine's face. The boy then flashbacks to the day he was adopted by the old Man (leader of the RRH). It seems that Daken was apart of the making Wolverine suffer. Upon arriving in the room, Wolverine saw the entire RRH all dead. Suddenly an image on a screen turns on and the Old Man, then goes on to tell Wolverine what there real objective was. Below the screen was a folder containing all the faces Wolverine has ever murdered. It turned out that upon entering the final room, Wolverine had killed the entire Mongrels (group) which the Old Man revealed were all of Wolverine's (Logan's) children. Wolverine then became a member of the RRH. Suddenly, the young boy surprised Logan, then died. Later, the Old Man and the rest of the RRH arrive in Hell. Meanwhile, the young boy was searching for his mother, and Wolverine was in shock.

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Wolverine Vol 4 14 Review by Peteparker

Wolverine Vol 4 14 Review by Peteparker

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