Master Po
I trained him in the finer points of eighteen different styles of Kung Fu, and yet he still just charges headlong into a hail of bullets.
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Yuen Yee
Seems to be working all right for him.
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Appearing in "Goodbye Chinatown: Part 1"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:



  • Dragon Tooth
  • Yuen Yee's stash:
    • Watches
    • Diamond Earrings
    • Slighty used Switchblade


Synopsis for "Goodbye Chinatown: Part 1"

Wolverine is leaving San Francisco. As he says his goodbye to Melita, he is interrupted by a kid looking for the Black Dragon. Wolverine of course is the Black Dragon, leader of the Chinatown underworld. After kissing Melita, he goes with the kid aka Yuen Yee to see Master Po. There he learns that there was a turf war among the gangs. Also, they stole a bunch of Wolverine's money--money in which he needs to rebuild the school in Westchester. Wolverine goes on the hunt, and after some violence he is surprised when Gorilla Man, of Atlas, shows up. Seems that he was also on the trail. After a little roughhousing, the two team up and descend into the secret lair of the criminals. There they see dragons being forced to work. Wolverine and Gorilla Man are about to attack, but are interrupted when a group of men are looking for the Black Dragon. Seems they want him dead.

Solicit Synopsis

START READING HERE! Spinning out of the landmark events of X-MEN SCHISM!

  • It's a new day for Wolverine, but first he has one last bit of old business to deal Chinatown. That is, unless Gorilla Man gets there first.

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