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Quote1.png Every morning, I bathe in the finest wines. Every night, 1000 doves are plucked, just to stuff my pillows. I daily have my feet washed in the still-warm blood of women who dared presume themselves more beautiful than I. My least expensive bra still costs more than it would take to feed your entire family for a year. Let the men up top argue over who rules what. I'll be down here... Quietly ruling them all. Quote2.png
Jade Claw

Appearing in "Goodbye Chinatown: Part 2"

Featured Characters:

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Other Characters:

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  • Jade Claw weapons
  • Ropes
  • Heavy chains
  • Jade Claw's dinner ~ various foods & drinks
  • Field of Poppy's


Synopsis for "Goodbye Chinatown: Part 2"

Wolverine and Gorilla Man begin battling there adversaries that are trying to stop them. Unfortunately, since they are heavily outnumbered and overpowered by dragons, they are forced to give up as the old master and young boy are captured. Wolverine and Gorilla Man are left to the mercy of the dragons as the old master is pushed down a bottomless pit and they young boy is taken to the Jade Claw's hideout. There he is put to work in the fields. Meanwhile, Wolverine and Gorilla Man manage to free themselves, and with the aid of an immortal Weapon, manage to devise a plan to infiltrate the Jade Claw's base.

Solicit Synopsis

Powerhouses JASON AARON and RON GARNEY continue their rampage through the streets of Chinatown, as Logan struggles to wrap up unfinished business in San Francisco.

  • Journey to the stronghold of the world’s newest, most powerful drug dealer… at the center of the earth, where Logan and Gorilla Man find a fierce new ally.


Contains a exclusive preview for Avengers: Sanction #1

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