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Quote1.png I told ya I'd deliver, didn't I? You wanted a war? Sabretooth just gave ya a war. Quote2.png

Appearing in "And Then There Was War: Part 1"

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  • Asteroid Busters: Experimental Bullets (property of NASA)


Synopsis for "And Then There Was War: Part 1"

New York City, Logan & Melita get hot dogs for breakfast. Meanwhile, a sinister meeting goes down between the Kingpin (who is in it with the Hand) and the Yakuza. Then a special ops team hopes to keep the head of the Yakuza (Mr. Takenaka) alive. Turns out somebody murdered the Silver Samurai (Hellverine) and the Yakuza blamed the Hand. Kingpin, in his usual mocking tone, denies the allegations and tensions rise. Suddenly, two redneck brothers (The Buzzard brothers; whom made a pact with the Hand) who shoot bones for bullets, have somehow acquired superpowers and begin killing the Kingpin and Yakuza muscle. About this time Wolverine enters and claws are released. The special ops team rushes in, gets everybody into a van and makes sure the head of the Yakuza (Mr. Takenaka) gets on a private jet back to Japan. Turns out that Wolverine knows the head of this team and that somebody is trying to push Yakuza and the Hand into a war. In mid-air, the head of the Yakuza is ripped from the jet by Sabretooth and sent plummeting to his death.

Solicit Synopsis

DON’T MISS THIS! It’s a prelude to the biggest Wolverine arc in years.

  • War is brewing between the ninja assassins of the Hand and the gun-toting gangsters of the Yakuza, and it leads Wolverine to come face to face with Wilson Fisk, the infamous Kingpin of crime.
  • What mysterious former love interests have come along for the ride? And just who is behind this war anyway? Do you like surprises? If so, then don't miss this issue's last page, as it offers up a doozy.


  • Next issue: Wolverine celebrates Vol 1 300.

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