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Melita Garner
Happy birthday, Logan. It's the first real one you've had in a hundred years. Please, just enjoy it. You deserve it. Still mad at me?
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Wolverine (Logan)
Terrence? You sleep on the couch tonight. C'mere.
-- (Logan & Melita kiss)
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Appearing in "Happy"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Terrence (First appearance)
  • Unnamed policeman (Death)

Races and Species:




  • Terrence's Semi truck

Synopsis for "Happy"

Somewhere in the Canadian Wilderness, Logan discovers a truck driver has gone missing, so being Wolverine he investigates. Meanwhile, Melita Garner hosts a surprise birthday party for Logan, and many heroes appear, Deadpool, The Thing, Invisible Woman, Luke Cage & Jessica, along with some familiar faces. Elsewhere, Spider-Man returns to the Avengers Mansion and wonders where they are. Logan eventually finds where the truck driver is located. Now up against cannibal brothers, Logan does what he does best, and cuts off one of the brother's hand. Rescuing the truck driver, and taking the Buzzard brothers to a local police station. Logan returns to his party and brings along Terrence the truck driver. All the heroes at Logan's party are already gone. Melita then tells Logan that today is officially his birthday, and she knows his name is James. She states to Logan that all she wanted was to make him happy. Melita then tells Logan it's the first real one you had in over one-hundred years. Logan and Melita then kiss. Elsewhere, at the police station, the Buzzard brothers get the chance to join the organization known as The Hand.

Solicit Synopsis

Special POINT ONE issue. START READING with this Point One issue! CELEBRATE the most dangerous birthday in the Marvel Universe when Wolverine's new girlfriend invites X-Men and Avengers alike to a surprise party for everyone's favorite mutant. Logan's birthdays has never been his favorite time of year, but not even he could anticipate just how bad it could get. One thing is for sure - one way or another, blood will be drawn! Thrill to this stunning beginning of a whole new era for Logan...if he can survive the night!

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