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Quote1.png I'm not sorry I sent you to hell, you know. I hope it was awful. I hope you suffered. I hope it broke something inside you that can never be fixed. It makes me happy to think that. You deserved it, every bit of it. You've murdered. You've betrayed your friends. You may not wanna remember it anymore, but that's who you are. You're no better than me. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Get Mystique: Final Repose"

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Synopsis for "Get Mystique: Final Repose"

San Francisco, in an alleyway Logan begins to hunt down Mystique, with revenge on his mind. With Logan free of demonic control and out of hell, the Red Right Hand know everything's going according to plan, but Mystique she's another story. In Argentina, Lord Deathstrike, using his technology and weaponry assassinates, or somehow manages to kill his target, while not alarming the Chinese guards. After which Lord Deathstrike receives and image of his next target: Mystique. Back in San Francisco, Logan found where Mystique last got patched up after Logan stabbed her. The surgeon then said, she know. The phone then rings. Logan picks up the phone but doesn't listen, because he knew it was Mystique. Mystique is then shot by Lord Deathstrike, but patches herself up using duck tape and manages to escape using a motorcycle. Logan, then persues Mystique, while using a car, while trying to get the Red Right Hands base location. Almost catching Mystique Logan slams into a sanitation truck, with Lord Deathstrike still after his target: Mystique. Shooting from underground he manages to make Mystique's motorcycle crash. Mystique than rushed into a nearby gun shop disguised as a cop, then rushed out into the street and began to shoot a Lord Deathstrike; unaware Logan was behind her. Logan then stabs her, but Mystique hits him with a grenade, then continues to fight Lord Deathstrike. Lord Deathstrike using his technology runs up the side of a building and shoots after Mystique and she shoots back. Lord Deathstrike then lands on a telephone wire, and Logan (fully himself) cuts the phone pole down, and makes Lord Deathstrike land on a car windshield and tells him to reveal himself. Elsewhere, The Red Right Hand, revealed that Lord Deathstrike was hired by them to kill Mystique. However, before Logan kills Lord Deathstrike - Maverick tells Logan the location of the Red Right Hand. Suddenly Mystique shoots Lord Deathstrike, and he then turns entangled and then vanishes. An argument ensues between Mystqiue and Logan, which results in Logan gutting Mystique and leaving her for dead. Elsewhere, Mystique's body goes up for auction, and is bid on and won by a group of ninja's - presumably The Hand.

Solicit Synopsis

Logan needs answers about the mysterious villains who sent him to hell, and he knows exactly where to go to get them: Mystique.

  • But Mystique has troubles of her own, namely the unstoppable new assassin, Lord Deathstrike.

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