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Quote1.png Alex I had no choice. No. Don't look. You think you want to see. You don't. Help'll be here soon. Right now, you just listen to me, you keep looking at me. Whatever happened here--it wasn't the dad you knew that did all this. A father doesn't try to kill his own son. Quote2.png
Wolverine to Alex

Appearing in "Hunting Season - Part 1 of 4"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Alex Gregson (First appearance)
  • unnamed persons
  • unnamed hostages
  • NYPD
    • unnamed Officers

Races and Species:



  • Alien Blaster
  • Human Skeletons


  • NYPD vehicles

Synopsis for "Hunting Season - Part 1 of 4"

Wolverine was minding his own business in a New York City shopping mall; when a man with a strange blasting weapon went on a rampage, reducing dozens of civilians to skeletal dust. Protected by his healing factor, Logan survived the attack and killed the culprit, putting and end to his reign of terror and saving his son, Alex, in the process. But, the war was far from over. Young Alex picked up the blaster and turned on Logan and the police, brutally attacking them before making his escape. Now it's up to Logan to hunt down this new, dangerous foe - without harming the child.

Solicit Synopsis

IT’S HUNTING SEASON! The best there is at what he does gets an all-new on-going! Pay attention very closely: there’s a mystery here that even Wolverine hasn’t sniffed out yet. When Wolverine finds himself the bargaining chip in a hostage situation, he must make a decision to save a little boy that will follow him forever…literally! How can a berserker fight what he can’t see? And how far will he go to assert his humanity in the face of the Unknown? Find out when superstars Paul Cornell (CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND MI:13, Doctor Who, Action Comics) and Alan Davis (AVENGERS, CLANDESTINE, EXCALIBUR, UNCANNY X-MEN) take on the Wolverine!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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