Quote1 He hated lying to them. Even though he's been doing it all along. What's he going to do about Pinch? He has no idea. He knows this is the right path. He can feel the thumping in his chest. And the wind is in the right direction, and is going to stay there-- --which means he can smell his target. And his target can't smell him. He can smell-- Sabretooth. Sabretooth. Sabretooth. But this time it's Logan who holds all the cards. This time he set the trap. Yes! Yes, there he is! He's got the drop on him! All he has to do is beat his chest and his friends will burst in and take down Sabretooth. That's the professional thing to do. The sane thing to do. That's all he has to do. As if he can do that. Quote2
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Appearing in "The Madripoor Job: Part One"

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Synopsis for "The Madripoor Job: Part One"

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  • As his plan to take down Sabretooth takes shape, Wolverine goes undercover in Madripoor - but he's not the only one with his eyes on Sabretooth's empire - what do PETE WISDOM & MI13 have to do with it?
  • Paul Cornell (WOLVERINE: KILLABLE) and Gerardo Sandoval (CABLE & X-FORCE) bring you a two part epic that'll push the mortal Wolverine to his limits!

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