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Quote1.png When Polaris started spitting her riddles, seemed obvious which one referred to me. A soul lost, an edge gained. I got three days to secure the Muramasa blade... so that I can take my place in the tournament of swords and settle what amounts to a multidimensional feud over land rights. It dredges up some of my best and worst memories. Quote2.png

Appearing in "X of Swords: Chapter 03"

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Synopsis for "X of Swords: Chapter 03"

Having deduced that one of the prophecies spoken by Polaris referred to him and the Muramasa Blade, Wolverine prepares to seek out the blade in order to participate in the coming tournament. Before departing, he speaks to Krakoa, telling the island that he knows Krakoa wanted the External Gate open because it knew this would lead to war, and that while he will participate in this war because he believes the mutants now have something to fight for, he will never trust Krakoa again.

In order to find his blade, Wolverine decides to seek out its missing creator, Muramasa himself, who forged the original Muramasa Blade from a shard of Wolverine's soul. He seeks out the Silver Samurai to learn Muramasa's fate. The Silver Samurai is offended that he was not called as a champion in the tournament, and the two duel. After Wolverine wins, the Silver Samurai tells him what he knows.

Meanwhile, the Horsemen of War and Pestilence travel to the Tower of Broken Will in order to seek out Solem, one of Arakko's champions chosen by Saturnyne's prophecy. Solem was imprisoned over a hundred years ago for killing War's husband Bracken in a duel. War expects to find Solem broken from his years in solitude, but finds him in good spirits. He reveals that various denizens of Arakko have come throughout the years to bring him food, gifts and entertainment. Satisfied merely that War has come to ask for his help, as he told her she would when she imprisoned him, Solem accepts their offer, effortlessly breaks free from his chains, and leaves to find the sword that was prophesized for him; the Muramasa Blade.

Following the Silver Samurai's intel, Wolverine has travelled around Japan to find Muramasa. He finds his remains in a Hand temple, and realizes that just as a breach between Arakko and Krakoa has opened, so has a breach between Earth and Hell, where he will find Muramasa.


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Descent. Penance. A legendary power reclaimed.

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