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Appearing in "X of Swords: Chapter 16"

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Synopsis for "X of Swords: Chapter 16"

Traveling through the rival Faerie realms, Magik seeks the location of the next challenge. She finally arrives at her destination, and finds Pogg Ur-Pogg waiting for her there. The two begin fighting, only for Saturnyne to intervene and stop them. She tells them that the event is an arm-wrestling contest. The two square up, and Pogg easily wins, making the score 3-1 in favor of Arakko.

Within the realm of Blightspoke, home to dead and dying realities, Wolverine stalks his prey, telepathically communicating with Saturnyne all the while. The two are unbreakable fighters, and fight each other across the ever-shifting landscape of Blightspoke. Wolverine eventually gains the upper hand and kills Summoner, only for Saturnyne to award the point to Arakko, as the battle was a fight "to the death", and Summoner was the first to die, leaving the score 4-1.

For the next challenge, Krakoa and Arakko's champions duel their own teammates. Wolverine and Storm are to have a drinking contest, and they are served liquor by Mad Jim Jaspers. Unbeknownst to them however, Jaspers has poisoned their drink on behalf of Death. Meanwhile, Solem and War fight a duel, with the first to sever an appendage winning. Solem calls in his favor with Wolverine, and asks Saturnyne to summon him. In exchange for giving him one of the two Muramasa blades, Wolverine was to owe Solem a fight. To entice War to fight him, she tells him that Wolverine has just killed her son. The poison Jaspers slipped into his drink has weakened Wolverine's healing factor, leaving him drunk for the fight. War gains the upper hand and attempts to cut off his head, but cannot cut through his adamantium spine, allowing Wolverine to surprise her and slice off her hand with his claws. Both Arakko and Krakoa receive points, leaving the score at 5-2.

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Endurance. Survival. The true lesson of pain.

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