Quote1.png This is what happens to women who get involved with me, Melita. I want you to understand that. Quote2.png
-- Wolverine (Logan)

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Solicit Synopsis

Logan is describing the first time he ever made love, in an Orange Grove. He is telling the story to Melita and Melita starts asking lots of questions. Wolverine puts his costume on and leaves. Next, Logan and Yukio are fighting together against ninjas. Once they are defeated Yukio tries to seduce Wolverine into making love. He says no and walks away. Logan plays chess over the internet with Storm and explains that he turned down guilt free sex the night before. She then asks who she is. Wolverine doesn't understand. She wants to know who his new girlfriend is. Wolverine is next seen playing pool with Rogue. He goes on and on making up reasons why he has spent so much time with Melita. Rogue just listens and says nothing and Wolverine just admits that he has a girlfriend. Next, Wolverine is seen hanging out with Black Widow while she does target practice. Black Widow asks him if the woman knows what she is getting herself into. Wolverine says she is a smart lady. Black Widow tells him with all the enemies he has out there, he better at least teach her to handle it. Next, Wolverine is speaking to another one of his female friends, Jubilee. Jubilee asks him if she is ready for a full on relationship, and more importantly if Wolverine himself is ready. Luke and Jessica Cage are seen struggling with their child who they can't get to stop crying. Wolverine shows up and shocks them both by offering to hold the baby. Wolverine is able to make her stop crying. Jessica mentions that Wolverine has never asked to hold the baby before. At the Sons of the Tiger dojo, Melita is seen training martial arts. As she leaves, someone grabs her arm and she turns around with a roundhouse kick to the person's face. She realizes it's Wolverine. Wolverine mentions she made a good choice with which martial arts she decided to study. Wolverine says he wants to show Melita something. He brings Melita to Mariko's grave and explains that this is what happens to all the women he is involved with. Melita reveals she knows about all the women he had been involved with. Wolverine asks her what would happen if Sabretooth or Lady Deathstrike appear on her doorstep to get to Wolverine. She responds by kicking him in the face again. Wolverine lists off all the bad things about being with Wolverine. She still won't take no for an answer and they end up going back to Wolverine's place and make love. During the night, Melita gets up to use the bathroom. She comes across Emma Frost and asks her where the bathroom is. Emma just starts to laugh at the fact that she is sleeping with Wolverine. Next morning Wolverine takes Melita to work. She bumps into a hobo and as Melita walks away the hobo shifts into Mystique...

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