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Jean awakens from coma while a nurse tried to help her remember her own name. Jean has a migraine and the nurse realizes the psychic activity and that she's a mutant. The nurse then calls the MRD (Mutant Response Division). When the MRD cornered Jean, she awakens the Phoenix Force inside her. That caused a psychic shock wave that sent the entire city in a coma for awhile. Meanwhile back at the Xavier Institute, Emma Frost successfully located Jean through Cerebro and informs Cyclops. They both retrieved Jean. They discovered Jean doesn't remember who she is. While they drive back to the institute, they were attacked by Archangel who was controlled by Mr.Sinister. Archangel kidnaps Jean and Cyclops for Mr. Sinister who gets genetic material from them to create the most powerful mutant on Earth. Emma then arrives back at the institute to find everyone unconscious. She awakens Nightcrawler first, then gathers everyone at Cerebo. Emma tries to locate Scott. The X-Men then retrieves Scott and Jean, whilst Jean awakens the Phoenix Force once more and defeats Sinister's sidekicks as Archangel escapes. The episode ends with Emma bringing in the Inner Circle to the institute to kidnap Jean and control the Phoenix inside of her.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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