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Quicksilver breaks Toad out of prison so that he can reunite the Brotherhood of Mutants. Quicksilver then teams up with Nitro, a mutant with a highly explosive power, and together they go to the MRD headquarters where the government stores files on all registered mutants. Later when he is trying to get to Genosha he meets a telepath he used to know who suppresses Nitro's powers temporarily. While the Brotherhood of Mutants is trying to get to Magneto on Genosha, their plane is frozen and then Nitro is kidnapped by Shadowcat and the X-men, who take him to the Black Bird. The Brotherhood and the X-Men get into a fight, concluding when Nitro unleashes his powers. Thankfully, Storm uses her power over the winds to send Nitro high into the sky so that no one was harmed by the blast. The episode concludes with Nitro being locked into a blast proof vault in an unknown insitute, from the X-Men, who had no other choice.


  • There is an animation error when Psylock is knocked back by Emma Frost. When Psylocke is sent flying, you can see up her dress and there is nothing there.
  • Guest stars: Jim Ward.[2]


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