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Quote1.png No matter our differences, no matter which side of the country you chose to live on or how many other teams you decide to join, I always thought that at the end of the day, when push came to shove... nobody was more X-Man than Wolverine. I need to hear you say it, Logan, one way or another. I need to know, here and now... Avenger or X-Man, friend of foe... who are you? Quote2.png

Appearing in "Avengers vs. X-Men... vs. X-Men"

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Synopsis for "Avengers vs. X-Men... vs. X-Men"

Three hours ago, Wolverine was part of the Avenger team that fought on the assault on Utopia.

In the present, Logan has returned to the school, and he and Kitty are watching a news report about the battle of Utopia. Logan is distraught that he fought against his own people. In that moment, Cyclops, Emma and Magik arrive at the school.

At the kitchen, Iceman and Rachel watch the news report about the battle of Utopia. Rachel tells him that she has finished her psychic evaluation of Angel, and she says that the man known as Warren Worthington is dead. Iceman refuses to accept it, but Rachel replies that Warren's memories and personality are completely gone, but something new has begun to grow in his head. His intelligence is increasing, he is the most intelligent student in the school. In other words, Angel is forming a new identity for himself. Iceman wants to take him to Professor Xavier for a second opinion, but Rachel says that perhaps they should give the new Angel a chance. Then, Rachel senses that Cyclops has arrive at the school.

As the two X-Men leaders meet at the entrance courtyard, Cyclops wants to have a talk with Wolverine, but Logan doesn't want to. A small fight ensues, but Cyclops reaffirms that he is coming in peace. The X-Men leaders meet up at the Jean statue, and Cyclops asks Logan one more time: is he an Avenger or an X-Man?

As the students watch the exchange between Wolverine and Cyclops from afar, Evan is digging some research on Apocalypse. He has discovered that Apocalypse was a supervillain who fought the X-Men repeatedly. He also tells Husk that some people believe he looks like Apocalypse. She expresses some concern, but Evan doesn't believe he is Apocalypse.

Meanwhile, Angel is trying to see how up can he fly. As soon as he reaches Earth's upper atmosphere, he loses his breath and falls to the ground.

Walking across the school, Wolverine and Cyclops continue arguing. Wolverine believes that Cyclops wants the Phoenix so that he can buy the world's respect by having his own weapon of mass destruction, but Cyclops replies that he wants a better world their children and he is willing to do anything to achieve that goal, even if he loses the man he was once, even if he doesn't have a place in that better world. In this fight, there won't reconciliation, only winners and losers.

Meanwhile, Evan watches as Angel falls to the ground. Using a jetpack, Evan saves him. As Angel regains consciousness, he thanks Evan for saving his life. He says that he was trying to get to Heaven, but failed. He is starting to believe that the others were right, he is not an angel, but a mutant. Evan reveals that other kids have begun calling him "Kid Apocalypse," but he doesn't believe that. He wants to do good. When Evan asks Angel what does he see in him, Angel replies that he sees goodness. Thankful, Evan hugs him.

After finishing their talk, Cyclops, Emma and Magik depart. Iceman and Rachel begin having their doubts, saying that Cyclops needs their help. Angel also wants to help, saying that if he is a mutant, then other mutants need their help.

As the students return to class, Idie asks Wolverine if Jean is in trouble. Wolverine replies that he doesn't know, but he hopes that she isn't.

Meanwhile, the Shi'ar Death Commandos arrive at Earth. Their mission is to kill the Phoenix host and everyone who stands in their way.

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• Cyclops comes to the Jean Grey School!

• Will Wolverine’s X-Men join Cyclops against the Avengers?



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