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Synopsis for "Got Hope?"

Kid Gladiator awakens in a spaceship piloted by Warbird, who tells him that they are going home. She apologizes for drugging him, saying that the Phoenix is heading to Earth. However, Kid Gladiator does not like running from a fight, so he returns to Earth on a escape pod.

Across the world, the X-Men fight the Avengers. Both factions are looking for the missing Hope.

Meanwhile, Wolverine and Hope are flying a jet to an A.I.M. base so that they can take a spaceship and get to the Moon. During the flight, Wolverine is concerned about a Hope, as she made him promise to kill her if she ever lost control of the Phoenix. Suddenly, the jet is shot down by the Death Commandos, who are under orders to execute Hope. As they leave the wreckage of the Blackbird behind, Hope mimics Wolverine's claws and healing factor, preparing for a fight.

At Wundagore Mountain, Iceman creates an army of clones to fight Red Hulk, Magneto fights Doctor Strange and Angel fights Hawkeye.

In Wakanda, Rachel fights Iron Fist.

Wolverine and Hope defend themselves from the Death Commandos. During the fight, Flaw the War Skrull stabs Hope and prepares to kill her, but Hope manifests her Phoenix powers and incinerates him. Suddenly, Hope loses control and begs Wolverine to kill her, but he can't bring himself to do so. Fortunately, Hope regains control. Sensing that the flares are getting stronger, Hope suggests that they reach the Moon. Wolverine silently admits that he can't kill a child.

Meanwhile, Gladiator reaches the Jean Grey school, demanding to know where his son is.

Solicit Synopsis


• Kid Gladiator goes after the Avengers single-handedly!

• The X-Men from Wolverine’s school see the events of AVX and have a choice to make…


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