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Quote1.png See, that the thing, Kid... it ain't supposed to be fun. Guess your daddy never taught you that. Me, I've studied how to kill pretty much everything that walks, flies or slither in this big ole' universe. Including Strontians, like you. I know your strengths. And I know your pressure points. Like this one here. Guess what I'm trying to say is... you shoulda stayed in school. Quote2.png
Wolverine (Logan)

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Synopsis for "Hounded"

Rachel goes to the Spaceship Graveyard at Indonesia. Requesting everyone to leave using her telepathy, Rachel finds Wolverine, who has built up a resistance to telepathy. Wolverine is surprised that Rachel found her, and Rachel replies that thoughts of anger are easier track, particularly his thoughs of killing Cyclops. Rachel asks Wolverine where is Hope, but Wolverine refuses to tell her. Rachel says that the Phoenix is on mutantkind's side, but Wolverine says that the Phoenix has no side but its own.

Namor and the X-Men are watching the conversation nearby. Although Rachel requested that she be allowed to reason with Wolverine, Namor declares that they will fight. The X-Men reveals himself, and Wolverine reveals the Avengers are waiting. A battle ensues.

Weeks earlier, during the psychic self-defense class, Rachel is teaching the students how to protect themselves from psionic assaults. Then, Kid Omega uses his telepathy to watch Rachel's memories of the future she came from. Angry, Rachel causes a nosebleed on Quentin. As the class ends, Logan believes Rachel is getting too rough on the children, but Rachel believes her future is coming to pass and they must train the students to resist it.

At the battle, Rachel fights Captain America, Kid Gladiator fights Giant Man and Iceman fights Beast. Namor knocks Mjolnir off Thor's grasp, and Kid Gladiator unsuccesfully tries to lift it. Cap asks Quicksilver to get Hope to safety, but Kid Gladiator knocks him out. Then, Thor attacks Rachel and Kid Gladiator attacks Wolverine.

Rachel remembers a conversation she had with Cyclops, who tells her that the Phoenix still loves her. She manages to resist a blow of Mjolnir, claiming that she was once the Phoenix. Namor attacks Thor again while Rachel goes out to find Hope.

Catching up to Black Widow and Hope, Rachel knocks Black Widow out and tries to take Hope; but when she establishes a mental connection with Hope, she realizes that Hope is terrified. Rachel decides to let her go, telling Hope to find her destiny.

Returning to Utopia, Rachel tells Cyclops that Quicksilver and Giant Man were captured, but Hope and the other Avengers escaped. Suddenly, Gladiator descends upon Utopia, along with his Shi'ar guard.

To be continued...

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• Kid Gladiator goes after the Avengers single-handedly!

• The X-Men from Wolverine’s school see the events of AVX and have a choice to make…


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