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Synopsis for "My Dinner with the Phoenix"

The Jean Grey School is experiencing a shortage of teachers, as some of the staff has joined the battle between the X-Men and the Avengers. Kitty is doing her best to manage the school when suddenly, a bouque of flowers appear on her table. Going outside, Kitty and the teachers are shocked to find Colossus hovering above the school. Colossus asks her for dinner and Kitty accepts, despite the staff's suspicions.

Meanwhile, Iceman and Magik are fighting the Thing at New York City. After a short brawl, Iceman encases the Thing in a block of ice. Although Magik congratulates him on his victory, Iceman is unsure of his actions. He later tries to speak with Cyclops, who is busy repairing the San Andreas Fault. Although Cyclops suggests he can help him fix the Arctic Ice Shield, Iceman leaves.

Colossus parts the ocean in have and they have seafood for dinner. During the meal, Kitty is surprised at how the Phoenix Five are helping the world, but she also expresses concern that their power will consume them. Colossus says he is still the man she loves, but Kitty says that Jean and Rachel never incarcerated Avengers when they were the Phoenix. The conversation turns sour, and Kitty wants to go back to the school. Furious, Colossus takes her to the school.

Believing the school changed her mind about her, Colossus attacks the staff. Kitty tries to bury him underground, but Colossus quickly recovers. Although the teachers, joined by Krakoa, try to stop him, Colossus quickly defeats them. In a last attempt to stop him, Kitty phases her hand through his chest, threatening to crush his heart. However, Colossus' power burns her hand. Seeing how much destruction he has caused, however, Colossus stops his attack and leaves.

The staff begins to clean up just as Iceman and Angel return to the school. Both are shocked at how much the Phoenix Five have changed.

Meanwhile, Colossus walks alone across a snowy landscape, feeling guilty for his actions.

Solicit Synopsis


• We can’t say much or we spoil the event of the summer!

• Kitty Pryde on a date with…???


  • The Thing is captured by Magik, with assistance by Iceman.


  • Kitty develops a hate for seafood after her date with Colossus, which takes place in the middle of the Red Sea. She even tells Bobby, that if he ever works up the courage on a date, if he suggests seafood she will kill him.
  • Colossus almost proposes to Kitty, but she interrupts him before he has the chance. It is highly likely that, had he gotten the chance, Kitty would have turned him down.

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