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Synopsis for "On the Eve of Battle"

Logan and Hope take a walk in the lakeshore and talk about what happened in the Moon. Hope is ready to face the Phoenix but Logan is still unsure about involving a child in a fight so big. Looking at a statue dedicated to Jean, Hope asks Logan about her. Logan talks about how special she was to the X-Men, he even says that if she were alive; then none of this would be happening. Hope says that Jean may be gone, but she is here and she will finish this. Logan says that everyone will finish this together: X-Men and Avengers.

Beast, Broo, Iron Man, Iron Fist and Agent Brand run an analysis on the battle at K'un Lun. As the assembled heroes discuss their next course of action against Cyclops and Emma, Broo shows them his idea in how to deal with the Phoenix. Impressed, the heroes reassess the situation. Meanwhile, Iceman and Kitty share a romantic moment.

The students try to continue their normal lives at school. As Professor Xavier and Rachel walk across the halls, they share a telepathic conversation about Cyclops' recent actions. Despite everything that's happened, Xavier believes Scott can still be safe. He refuses to lose another to student to the Phoenix. Suddenly, Kid Omega intrudes in their conversation. Rachel gives him a week of detention, but Xavier thinks Quire wants that in order to maintain his rebellious image. Instead, Xavier telepathically announces to the whole school that Quire is the newest candidate for student council president. Quire is angry, but Xavier believes that it will teach him responsibility.

Deep beneath the school, Toad takes Husk to a series of underground tunnels. There, Toad and Husk want to spend some time together.

Meanwhile, Gladiator is still recovering from his injuries. He tells his son that they are to depart Earth forever, to which Kubark disagrees. Gladiator says that the Phoenix is Earth's problem, not theirs. As his father goes to the ship, Kid Gladiator talks to Warbird about his desire to remain on Earth, but Warbird advises him to listen to his father. Saddened, Kid Gladiator goes to the ship.

As Gladiator enters the ship, he tells Warbird that she will not be coming with us. Warbird is confused, believing that she has offended the Emperor in some way, but Gladiator replies that she is not being punished. He simply does not see her as a Warbird, her heart longs for something else. As he departs, Gladiator wishes her luck on finding it.

Meanwhile, Iceman goes to Wolverine's office and quickly apologizes for taking Scott's side. Wolverine says that he chose Iceman to go with him because he knew that he would berate him whenever he did something wrong. Then, they share a drink.

Later, Wolverine, Kitty and Rachel inform Angel that he is no longer a student because he has proven to be smarter than most of his teachers, not to mention that he can handle himself on the field. He is officially the school's first graduate. The teachers offer Warren a position as Beast's graduate assistant, to which he eagerly accepts.

The time has come and the X-Men go off to the final battle.

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