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Synopsis for "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow!"

The final battle has begun and the X-Men confront Cyclops. At the Jean Grey School, the Stepford Cuckoos watch the battle using Cerebra but cannot tell who is winning.

Meanwhile, Kitty talks with Husk about a fight in her classroom. While Husk was trying to teach, Quire and Glob Herman were fighting. In all of a sudden, Idie laughs, shocking everyone as they have never heard Idie laugh before.

Husk does not see any problem but Kitty notes her powers have been erratic lately and says that Husk is overworked. Even though Husk insists she is okay, Kitty tells her she cannot teach until she admits something is wrong and let her friends help her. Exasperated by this, Husk quits.

The Stepford Cuckoos inform her the battle at Utopia is still raging. In order to alleviate the tension, Kitty announces the first ever Jean Grey School dance.

Idie sneaks off school, further worrying Broo. Idie simply says she is going to church to say a quick prayer for Hope. She is also interested in going to the school dance.

While Idie prays at church, Cyclops has already defeated the X-Men and the Avengers. Xavier tells everyone to stand back, he will confront Cyclops alone.

The dance begins and Broo is ready to dance with Idie but he finds her dancing with Quire. Meanwhile, as Cyclops overwhelms Xavier, Xavier tells Logan to keep the children safe. Moments later, Cyclops kills Xavier. His death is sensed by the Stepford Cuckoos.

Depressed, Broo runs to the church Idie has been going to and meets the pastor. As Cyclops transforms into the Dark Phoenix, Broo kills the pastor, who turns out to be a robot. Broo sees Kade standing behind him.

In the meantime, Glob Herman has run away from the dance and gone to a cave, where he is expected by Manuel and Wilhemina of the Hellfire Club. He has been working for them and has attempted to turn Quire to their cause but failed.

Kade and Max reveal they were the ones who set up the church in order to manipulate Idie. Broo attempts to attack them but Kade shoots him in the head.

Hope defeats Cylcops, restoring the X-gene and saving the mutant race from extinction. As Cerebra detects new mutant lights, the light representing Broo goes out.

Solicit Synopsis

• The second year of the most talked-about new X-Book starts here! • One of the students is on death’s door and the faculty must 1) try to keep them alive and 2) find who did it! • With one of the teachers on the outs, a new one must be hired. Who will it be? • Who is the new student at the school?


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