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Quote1.png The blood in your veins says otherwise, boy. I have tracked that blood all over the world. I know how it smells. How it tastes. And in you lie the very last drops, of that I am certain. The last blood I ever need spill. Other than my own. Quote2.png
Frankenstein's Monster

Appearing in "Big Top Hell"

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Synopsis for "Big Top Hell"

Months ago, Calcabrina the witch was about to be killed by angry mob led by the boss of the circus she was working at. Frankenstein's Monster saves her and she swears loyalty to him.

In the present, Calcabrina has discovered the last Frankenstein is in the circus. The circus workers to seize every child in the circus until they find the child their master seeks. Elsewhere, the Jean Grey School students fight their brainwashed teachers.

Frankenstein attempts to kill Max of the Hellfire Club, having identified him as the last Frankenstein but Idie saves him. Iceman attacks Genesis, who attempts to make his teacher remember who he really is. Windrider shoots Genesis with a lightning bolt which sends him into the hall of mirrors. There, Genesis sees different images of himself as a superhero. Windrider knocks him out but sees different images of her superhero career.

Oya sets Frank on fire, giving Max and her time to escape. She cannot help but think she has seen Max before. Max uses his cube in order to trace the magic energy in the circus and finds a witch is responsible. Oya and Max decide to find the witch together.

Meanwhile, Eye-Boy is attacked by clown and asks Revolto, actually Wolverine, to help him. However, Storm has regained her memories and attacks the circus workers while Oya and Max fight Calcabrina. Wolverine also regains his memories and attacks the clowns who have been attacking Eye-Boy.

Oya and Max are attacked by Frankenstein again.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Frankenstein’s Murder Circus is town and he’s brainwashed the X-Men!
  • Do the students stand a chance against their teachers?


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