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Synopsis for "The Last Frankenstein"

Four years ago in a castle the Bavarian Alps, young inventor Max, who would later become a member of the Hellfire Club, had repeated the same experiment that had created Frankenstein's Monster in order to make a best friend, whom he calls Edvard. Months later, an angry mob breaks into the Frankenstein castle to kill the Frankenstein family. To prevent the mob from killing him, Max throws Edvard at them. While the mobsters kill Edvard, Max escapes.

In the present, Oya is being grappled by Frankenstein's Monster and Max cannot decided wheter help Oya and escape. Max chooses the latter, but Calcabrina grabs his foot. He shoots her and keeps running.

Meanwhile, Wolverine, who has broken free from Calcabrina's spell, fights a horde of zombie clowns. The other X-Men, also free from the spell, join the fight. Kid Omega detects Oya is in trouble and Wolverine takes on Frankenstein to save her, slicing Frankenstein's left arm off. Calcabrina, who has been set on fire, uses a spell to teleport Frankenstein and herself away.

Later, the authorities assist in the cleanup while Dr. Strange and Shaman work on restoring the souls Frankenstein and Calcabrina had stolen. The young girl kidnapped by Frankenstein is reunited with her parents. Oya goes to the church and talk with Pastor Hail about her experiences with a witch but finds him with an ax embedded on his head. She realizes he is a robot.

Elsewhere, Calcabrina prays to her demon lord for another chance in obtaining more lost souls while Frankenstein attacks a truck driver and rips his arm off.

Max meets up with Kade on a secluded beach. Kade is disappointed Max did not come with her, but Max has decided to accept his family's legacy and insists on being called "Dr. Frankenstein."

Meanwhile, Calcabrina has summoned her demon lord, Azazel.

Solicit Synopsis

• Wolverine vs. Frankenstein! • The Murder Circus claims its victims!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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