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Appearing in "Ain't No Sin To Be Glad You're Alive"

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  • Wolverine's Motorcycle

Synopsis for "Ain't No Sin To Be Glad You're Alive"

Storm, having taken a floating tower with a garden in the Jean Grey School as her new room, is in video contact with her former husband, Black Panther. As they play electronic chess, T'Challa asks Storm if she is seeing anyone after their marriage was annulled. Ororo is nervous about dating but T'Challa assures her she can date whoever she likes. However, T'Challa is unsure about Wolverine.

Meanwhile, Wolverine, covered in arrows after a fight, goes to bar in Salem Center to get beer. Instead, he gets a telepathic message from Rachel telling him to get back to school. There, Rachel reminds him the teachers are taking the night off and it is Logan's turn to babysit the students. She also says Kitty is on a date, surprising Logan.

Indeed, Kitty is on a date with Bobby in a fancy restaurant. Even when Rachel telepathically advises them to have a good time, the only thing they can do is stare each other awkwardly across the table.

Oya visits the still comatose Broo at the sickbay and brings him his favorite things. She wants to stay with him and wait until he wakes up. Quire is listening her from the hallway.

Meanwhile, at the Peak, Abigail Brand is ready to have a date with Beast, who is too busy watching Brood autopsy videos in order to find a way to save Broo.

Somewhere in a snowy wilderness, Sabretooth is training Kade in the use of firearms. They leave after Kade kills a man.

As Quire watches the statue of Professor X, he comes across Jean Grey. Both have a telepathic conversation about the time Jean now lives in.

Bobby and Kitty are having trouble with their date. They talk about all the crazy things happening in their lives, such as Professor X's death and their new positions as teachers. Kitty decides it is time to stop pretending to be normal, so she takes Bobby and leaves the restaurant.

Storm finds Wolverine fighting in the Danger Room. As they share a training session, Storm tells Wolverine that ever since Kitty is taking care of the X-Men from the past, she has asked Storm to be new headmistress.

After saving a house from a tornado and giving ice to the people of a desert, Bobby and Kitty return to the school. They note their lives might not be normal, but at least they are growing up.

Storm, after having a shower, informs Logan she has accepted to be the new headmistress. Under Storm's request, Wolverine cuts her hair with his claws, what is left is a mohawk.

Logan and Ororo kiss at the same time Bobby and Kitty kiss.

Meanwhile, Oya turns away from Broo, who wakes up and attacks her.

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• DATE NIGHT! • Kitty and Iceman! Storm and Wolverine?

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