Quote1.png You wanna to teach these kids to survive? You wanna 'em to who they really are and what they can be? Then you gotta give 'em the proper motivation. That's one of them lessons you never learned from our pa. But I sure hell did. Dinosaurs were a good start. But I can do a helluva lot better. I'm a better man than you, James Howlett, in every possible damn way, I know you don't believe me. That's why I am about to show ya. You aint the teacher this kids need. I am. And Dog Logan's class starts now. Quote2.png
-- Dog Logan

Appearing in "Savage Learning, Part 2: A Boy Named Dog"

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Synopsis for "Savage Learning, Part 2: A Boy Named Dog"

Dog Logan remembers his childhood with his abusive father and James Howlett, the only friend he had. When he was a boy, James was sickly and could not play outside very often. One night, it was revealed James was Dog's half-brother. In a fit of rage, James killed Dog's father and ran away.

In the present, Dog attacks Wolverine with weapons from the future such as laser guns made of adamantium, venom extracted from alien bugs and electric grenades.

Many years ago, in Alberta, Canada, Dog had become an adult and was drinking in a bar until he heard the story of a man with big bony claws that runs with wolves. Thinking this wolf man is James, Dog goes to the forest. Dog enters an abandoned mine, believing James is hiding there. Instead, he finds something else.

In the present, Dog says the mine was filled with time diamonds. He grabbed one and it took him to the future. He can use them to go to whatever time he wants. Dog says he intends to be a better teacher to the students than Wolverine was. Opening three time portals, Dog brings cavemen, cowboys and robots to the Savage Land. He says Dog Logan's class begins now.

Solicit Synopsis

• Jason Aaron and Eisner-Award winning best artist Ramón Pérez continue the arc that readers will remember for years to come. • Dog Logan is back and Wolverine is in for a world of hurt. • The students are on their own in the Savage Land with no supervision. Uh-oh.

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