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Synopsis for "Savage Learning, Part 3: Generation Dog"

The Jean Grey School teachers are drinking coffee and talking about Wolverine taking the students to the Savage Land. They all think Wolverine has everything under control. At the Savage Land, Wolverine has been trapped by his half-brother Dog.

Hours earlier in the plane, Genesis talked with Wolverine about his origins as Apocalypse' clone. Logan reassured him that he can choose what he wants to be, and ever since they met, Evan has been a hero. Relating with Evan when it comes to bloodlines, Logan talked with him about his own father.

Wolverine also talked with Jia, the Chinese student. She wanted to be the greatest X-Man ever, but Wolverine tells her to lighten up. He gives her the code name "Sprite."

In the present, Genesis and Sprite fight cavemen together. She also pinches Genesis in the butt, much to Genesis' embarassment. Dog watches them from behind the bushes.

Meanwhile, Kid Omega, Glob Herman and Eye-Boy are amushed by robots coming from the future. Dog comes to their aid.

Hours earlier, Wolverine talks with Shark Girl about her efforts to control her shark side. To warn her about the dangers of being a loner while having such powers, Wolverine gives her a file about the Weapon X program.

In the present, Shark Girl is ambushed by Iron Mask and her band of cowboy thieves, but Dog and the students come to her aid.

Wolverine has freed himself from the snares but a tree falls upon him.

The students fight their opponents using the weapons Dog gave them. Evan feels insecure about using guns even when Wolverine told them not to, saying he is teaching them to be heroes. Dog tells Evan that Wolverine killed his father. Evan is shocked that Wolverine would leave that part out of the story he told him.

Meanwhile, Wolverine is attacked by a dinosaur.

The cavemen, cowboys and robots work together to capture the students and Dog. They are aware Dog was the one who brought them to this time. Kid Omega begins to feel suspicious about him. He then accuses Dog of doing all this just to get back at his brother but Dog punches Kid Omega and loses his temper.

Solicit Synopsis

• Jason Aaron and Eisner-Award winning best artist Ramón Pérez continue the arc that readers will remember for years to come.

• Dog Logan is back and Wolverine is in for a world of hurt.

• The students are on their own in the Savage Land with no supervision. Uh-oh.


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