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Synopsis for "Key to the Future"

The students and staff of the Jean Grey School have gathered at the school grounds to listen to the headmaster's speech. Wolverine thanks them for their support. He admits that being headmaster of the school is the hardest thing he has ever done in his life and the X-Men are the only family he has ever know. Their journey has not been an easy one and it will likely not get any easier, but he thanks them for being there for him.

Earlier, Wolverine and Beast had broken into Dog's cabin, but he was nowhere to be found. All they found there was a small futuristic metal box. When they returned to the school, they tried everything they could think of to open the box but nothing could open it.

In the present, Wolverine has declared a time capsule will be buried beneath the school grounds and will be opened in 25 years. The students put some of their personal belongings into the capsule while Wolverine begins to dig.

25 years later, Logan and the Bamfs find the time capsule. In the future, the Jean Grey School has become a lot more diverse. Taking the box to his office, Logan opens it and remembers something important.

He goes to Space Station X, which is manned by Trevor. Logan goes to a section in the station where not even Trevor is allowed. As soon as they enter the section, Logan and Trevor are attacked by Archangel robots. Fighting them off, Logan asks where the time travel technology is, saying he is going to send a message to himself in the past. He wants to warn his past self about many incoming threats.

Although Trevor says he cannot change the past, he has faith in Logan. He then goes off to confront a horde of science vampires while Logan sends his message.

In the present, Logan is digging the hole in which they will bury the time capsule until he finds a small tube-shaped object. Inside is a note with a key: Thanks, bub, and good luck - L.

Meanwhile, Dog kills his older self when Kade offers him a career in education. He welcomes him to the Hellfire Academy.

Logan opens the box with the key and finds two small toy boats with which he and Dog used to play as kids.

Later that night, Idie says goodbye to Broo and meets with someone she is familiar with. Saying she is a danger to anyone, Idie asks to be taken to the Hellfire Academy.

Solicit Synopsis

• See the Jean Grey School of the future!

• The students of JGS put a time-capsule together that you can follow into the future and see what happened to all your favorite X-Men.


  • The time capsule was created on May 15, 2013, meaning the future setting is 2028.
  • Eye-Man is 40 years old, meaning that Eye-Boy is 15 in the "present day".


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