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Quote1.png Krakoa's talking to me now. He says he never wanted to attack us. The Hellfire Club made him do it. He says... He says he's a mutant just like us. He keeps apologizing. I think he's crying. You won't believe this... He's asking if he can be an X-Man now? Quote2.png
Marvel Girl (Rachel Grey)

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Two weeks ago, Wolverine and Captain America were flying in a Quinjet towards a secret base. Wolverine has just told Cap that he plans to reopen the Westchester school, to Cap's surprise. When they arrive to the base, they oversee the arrest of Kid Omega. Wolverine says that he is not here to turn him in; instead, he will make him pay for the mess he made. Although he has Rachel Grey to watch him, Wolverine would take full respobsibility for Kid Omega's actions. Accepting his choice, Cap leaves Wolverine with Kid Omega.

In the present, the Hellfire Club's attack on the Jean Grey school continues. Kid Omega watches everything from his cell, and suddenly, Idie and Broo are thrown through a wall by a Frankenstein, but Idie manages to defeat it. Kid Omega feels indifferent towards Idie and Broo. Suddenly, Kid Gladiator comes in, excited by the attack. Kid Omega feels insulted that everyone knows Kid Gladiator but not him.

Then, the Wendigo and the Sauron arrive at Kid Omega's room, but Quentin uses his telepathy to make them fight each other. Impressed by Quentin's powers, Kid Gladiator, Idie and Broo ask him to help them defend the school.

Meanwhile, Logan, Iceman and Rachel continue fighting Krakoa. Using a mental link established by Rachel, Beast tells Logan that he is working on an EMP that will disrupt Krakoa's photosyntesis.

Quentin uses his powers to read Krakoa's mind, discoving that it is not the original Krakoa; instead, it is one of its grandchildren. The new Krakoa was created by a young Dr. Frankenstein. It has been abused its whole life, trained to hate and rage. Understanding Krakoa's situation, Quentin tries to reason with it.

Suddenly, the school grounds stop shaking and Rachel uses her telepathy to communicate with Krakoa, who says that it never wanted to attack the school and the Hellfire Club made it do it. Krakoa even asks to be an X-Man. Krakoa's rocks turn into mud, and Rachel believes Krakoa is crying. Logan tells everyone to meet up-top.

Meanwhile, the Hellfire Club realizes Krakoa has stopped its attack. Kade orders Baron to kill Krakoa, but the X-Men arrives and Beast says that the electromagnetic leash on Krakoa has been broken. All of Wolverine's X-Men, including Krakoa, prepare to fight, but Logan tells them not to. Instead, Logan simply says to the Hellfire Club to "get the hell out of his school." The Hellfire Club retreats. Krakoa tries to attack them, but Logan tells it to let them go, as he has a better idea how to deal with them. Toad is left alone to clean all the mess by himself.

The next morning at Kilgore Arms Headquarters, Matt Murdock has a meeting with Kade. Matt reveals to Kade that the Jean Grey School is suing him for 879 million dollars. Kade cannot believe this, Matt tells him that if he cannot pay, then the Jean Grey School will take possession of all of Kade's intrests, including his company. Before leaving, Matt tells that Logan asked him to deliver a message to Kade: "Right back at ya, kid."

As the Jean Grey School is reconstructed, Bobby tries to talk to Kitty about the kiss, but she playfully ignores him. Paige reads a book to some students, and Krakoa creates a team to provide a shade for them. Logan allows Krakoa to stay in the school, believing it to be a great asset for the school's defenses. Beast also restored Mr. Culd and Mrs. Marigold to their normal selves, but they have no recollection of the last 24 hours, so they have to provide them with another tour of the school. So far, the second tour iist is going better than the first.

Meanwhile, Kade hires Sabretooth to destroy the Jean Grey school.

Solicit Synopsis

With the Hellfire Club on the verge of overwhelming the X-Men, the team’s only hope is…Quenton Quire?! The big question is, does he care enough to do anything? Wrap up the first adventure of Wolverine’s branch of the X-tree with Marvel Architect and writer of X-MEN: SCHISM Jason Aaron, and superstar artist Chris Bachalo!

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