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Quote1.png After all, unlike Wolverine...we have a school to run. Quote2.png
Kade Kilgore

Appearing in "The Hellfire Saga Prologue"

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Synopsis for "The Hellfire Saga Prologue"

A break-in is occurring at the official world headquarters of the Hellfire Club. Wolverine and Rachel Summers have defeated the guards, looking for answers to the disappearances of their students. But the guards no nothing and no-one else is there. Rachel advises a speedy retreat to avoid prosecution for vandalism, but Wolverine starts making threatening gestures at the security cameras: he will find the culprits and tear their worlds down.

All of this is very amusing to Kade Kilgore and his friends, the inner circle of the Hellfire Club. They decide to ignore Wolverine in favour of their new Hellfire Academy.

On the Peak, Beast and Broo have arrived for a query session. Abigail Brand advises against it, but Beast is desperate, so she complies, and wheels out the alien he wishes to interview: Dr Xanto Starblood, combat xenozoologist/best-selling author, and the foremost expert on the Brood in the universe. After some insults are traded between the two, Starblood agrees to look over the data. After going over everything, Starblood agrees with Beast's assessment - the gunshot to the head has completely destroyed Broo's higher brain functions, and the rebuilt brain is functioning much as a Brood brain ought. Starblood refuses to help recover Broo's personality because in his opinion, there is nothing to fix; Brood are not intended to have personalities and the head injury resolves his interest in Broo's existence admirably.

At the JGS, Headmistress Kitty Pryde is at her computer. Glob Herman has confirmed on Twitter that Idie Okonkwo has defected to the Hellfire Academy. Storm and Iceman ae self-defeating, until Kitty finds the missing link: e-mail correspondance between the missing students and a Hellfire Academy recruiter. This is bad because Kitty invested all of her time and effort into the school's external firewalls. To bypass these, the recruiter must be a member of the school.

At the door, Quentin Quire is eavesdropping. Based on the security footage he knows Idie said something to the feral Broo before she left, but he has no way to find out what. He sees a Bamf and has an idea. Chasing it down, he taps into the minds of the Bamfs in the school and - after a strange image of the Bamfs being seduced by Azazel - finds the memory he needs: Idie telling Broo that she suspects the Hellfire Academy is behind his shooting, so she will infiltrate them, find the shooter, and burn them alive. For Broo.

Quire comes out of it to discover Kitty Pryde standing over him, accusing him of being the traitor. Quire runs, rendezvousing with the traitor, only pausing to deliver a bombshell to the staff - Idie is in love with Broo.

Ot the Peak, Xanto Starblood responds to Beast's constant arguing for help by shouting commands at Broo in the Brood's native language. Broo responds by scampering around the station, distracting the guards from the arrival of a strange winged being: the Philistine, an emissary from the Hellfire Academy with a job offer.

Outside the school, Quentin meets the real traitor: Toad, using the intelligence with which he once lead the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and the drive provided by his current girlfriend, Paige Guthrie of the Hellfire Academy. Faced with this group, which includes Starblood, Philistine and the feral Brood, Quentin feels a sudden surge of fear...

Solicit Synopsis

  • Students are missing and Wolverine and Rachel Summers intensify their search for the Hellfire Club.
  • Beast goes to the SWORD orbital HQ to ask an X-Villain for help with Broo’s sad state.


  • In this issue, Quentin Quire following on from his trend of the "Magneto was right" and "Cyclops was right" shirts, is wearing a red shirt with a picture of his own head and the slogan "I was right". This is presumably to replace the shirt he put in the time capsule the previous issue.

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