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Synopsis for "The Hellfire Saga, Part 2 of 5"

Iceman and Kitty attack Kade's headquarters in Manhattan in an attempt to find out Kade's whereabouts. Their search is fruitless, however. The X-Men have been similarly looking for Kade all over the world. At the same time, Wolverine angrily returns to the school and finds out the Bamfs have been drinking his whisky again. He suddenly gets an idea.

In the Hellfire Academy, Kid Omega is being beaten by Master Pandemonium until the Philistine intervenes. Kid Omega, having previously survived being thrown to the Siege Perilous, uses his telepathy to discover the Philistine's origin. He was originally an explorer who discovered the Siege Perilous a few months ago. His colleague wanted to expose the Siege to the world, but the explorer killed him, saving he only found the Siege for himself. He then exposed himself to the Siege's energies. A few moments later, Broo is brought to detention as well.

At the teacher's lounge, the teachers evaluate the students. All of them talk about turning the students into psychopaths but Toad suggests they should educate them. Husk, believing Toad is embarassing her, throws him out of the lounge and tells him never to get near her again. Toad wants to leave the school with her but Husk ignores him.

Meanwhile, Wolverine convinces the Bamfs to help him locate the students by outfitting them with leashes. They teleport all over the world to find the students.

At the same time, Kade brings Sabretooth to his headquarters and declares him the Hellfire Academy's headmaster. Kade also starts a broadcast to introduce his students as the new Hellions.

Toad helps Kid Omega escape detention and Wolverine finds Lord Deathstrike and confronts him in battle.

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• Wolverine has plans for the Bamfs…

• Meet the new Hellions!

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