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Synopsis for "The Hellfire Saga, Part 3 of 5"

As Wolverine confronts Lord Deathstrike, Toad helps Kid Omega defeat Sauron and Madame Mondo. Meanwhile, the new Hellions fight each other in order to become Kade's favorite. Idie finds a Hellfire guard at her feet and attacks him.

After taking down Sauron and Madame Mondo, Kid Omega and Toad are attacked by Hellfire guards. Suddenly, Dog Logan appears and knocks the guards out, telling Kid Omega they are even now.

Idie, having frozen the guard, is brought before Kade, who offers to turn her into the Black Queen. He also displays a screen so they can together watch Kid Omega and Toad die. The latter two are attacked by Husk and the Hellions. Toad attempts to reason with Husk, but she continues attacking him.

Wolverine continues fighting Lord Deathstrike while Beast, Storm and Rachel meet with Krakoa, who offers to take them to where Dr. Frankenstein created him.

Idie accepts the offer to become the Black Queen on the condition that Kade lets Broo go. When Kade considers shooting Broo again, she attacks him. Elsewhere, Toad refuses to fight Husk, saying he still loves her. Idie, having watched the fight onscreen, decides to spare Kade and regroups with Kid Omega so that they can destroy the school together.

Meanwhile, the X-Men are on the way towards the school.

Solicit Synopsis

THE HELLFIRE SAGA CONTINUES! • Searching for answers of how the JGS students left the school, the X-Men look to the very ground they walk on. • The X-Men discover that Krakoa, the island that walks like a man, can fight like one, too. • Meanwhile, Quentin remains the most sought-after student at the Hellfire Academy.

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