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Synopsis for "The Hellfire Saga, Part 4 of 5"

Kade awakens after being attacked by Oya as the X-Men assault the Hellfire Academy. As the X-Men confront Kade's army of giant islands, Broo ambushes Kade and bites him in the shoulder. Oya and Kid Omega confront the new Hellion and Toad attempts to reason with Husk.

The X-Men break through the giant island army and take on the Hellfire Academy's teachers. Kid Omega is about to be killed by Glob, but Krakoa traps Glob in his mouth. At the same time, Dr. Starblood attempts to escape and tries to convince Broo to go to space with him.

Kade, angry his fellow club members did nothing while Broo was mauling him, attempts to regain control of the situation. Manuel tries to convince Kade to leave while they still can, but Kade does not listen. Dog and the Philistine bring the Siege Perilous to Kade. While Kade watches the battle onscreen, claiming he has won, Manuel and Max aim their guns at him.

Solicit Synopsis

THE HELLFIRE SAGA CONCLUDES! Wolverine and the X-Men face Mystique, Sabretooth and the Hellfire Club!What fate awaits the Jean Grey School students who joined the New Hellions?The WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN landscape is redefined!

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