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Quote1.png Let's hope you're right. Let's hope the X-Men still remember their old friends. And that they're not afraid to risk their lives one more time...To save a dead man. Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Hellfire Saga Conclusion"

Featured Characters:

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  • Two Kilgore made guns
  • Book "Haiku"


Synopsis for "The Hellfire Saga Conclusion"

The battle at the Hellfire Academy continues. Wolverine tells the X-Men to find the their students and tear down the school if they have to. Dr. Starblood and Broo board a spaceship to escape the crumbling school. Toad rips each of Husk's layers in order to restore her mental state. His efforts are successful and Husk comes to her senses, but she does not remember her time at the Hellfire Academy.

Manuel and Max attempt to kill Kade but their guns are not working. Having manufacted the Hellfire Club's weaponry, Kade rigged them to prevent them to be used against them. He then attacks his own allies and orders the Philistine to stop anyone from leaving. The Philistine envelops the entire school in a gigantic energy wall. Kade activate the school's automated defenses to trap Kid Omega, Oya and Toad. Meanwhile, Sabretooth and Mystique rescue the defeated Hellions and escape.

As Starblood takes Broo away from the school, a Bamf sneaks onboard the ship. Broo bites him and cloaked figure with a blue tail tells him it is time to come back. Then, Broo attacks Starblood.

Kade tells the Philistine to throw Kid Omega, Oya and Toad but Wilhemina slashes him in the back. The Philistine reveals he was always loyal to Wilhemina, who tells him to kill everyone. Upon seeing his school about to be destroyed, Kade breaks down. The Siege Perilous is about to destroy the school and Wolverine tells him everyone to hold onto a Bamf in order to escape. He even wants to take Dog with him, but Dog, refusing to be saved by Wolverine, grabs Kade and jumps into the Siege Perilous.

The school is destroyed but everyone escapes. Broo, having come to his senses, takes control of Starblood's ship and reunites with his friends. The Siege Perilous sinks into the ocean with Kade trapped inside.

The next morning, Wolverine tells the staff he has decided to keep the school open. Beast runs a medical test on Broo, who says someone helped him regain his sanity. It happened when he bit a Bamf.

Elsewhere, beyond the realm of flesh, the cloaked figure that helped Broo earlier talks with two Bamfs, saying it its time for their friends to save a dead man.

Solicit Synopsis

THE HELLFIRE SAGA CONCLUDES! Wolverine and the X-Men face Mystique, Sabretooth and the Hellfire Club!

What fate awaits the Jean Grey School students who joined the New Hellions?

The WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN landscape is redefined!

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