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Quote1.png I am sorry, Kitty, but you're not pregnant... you're under attack. Quote2.png
Beast to Shadowcat

Appearing in "Mutatis Mutandis (Part 1): Congratulations! It's a Brood!"

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Synopsis for "Mutatis Mutandis (Part 1): Congratulations! It's a Brood!"

At Worthington Industries Headquarters, Logan, Bobby and Warren have a meeting with the board of directors of Worthington Industries. The board states that because of Warren's amnesia, they will have to strip him of all authority to the company.

As Logan, Bobby and Warren leave, the board is revealed to be in business with the Hellfire Club. They are seen talking to representative of Kade Kilgore.

Logan, Bobby and Warren laeve Worthington Industries, and while Warren takes off his clothes and flies around, Logan and Bobby talk about their current situation. Bobby says that they have used up all their money to open the school, and if they don't have a large infusion of money in the future, they will have to close. Logan refuses to close the school and decides to get more money. He leaves Bobby and Warren, but not before naming Bobby temporary headmaster, as Kitty hasn't been seen in two days.

At the school, Beast teaches the students their first class of biology. Using Toad as a test subject, Beast and the students shrink down to microscopic size and travel through Toad's body. Beast presents them with the X-gene, and they travel across the brain and the stomach. The class ends and they get out of Toad's body through one of his eyes.

As they return to their normal size, Rachel speaks with Beast, telling him that Kitty has been skipping her classes and has not answered any of her telepathic calls. They go to her room and knock on the door, asking Kitty if she is alright.

Kitty does not answer; instead, she calls to Colossus's phone. As soon as Colossus answers, however, Kitty hangs up.

Beast tells Kitty to open the door, or he will make Lockheed burn it down. Kitty opens the door and asks them for help, revealing her pregnant belly.

The students meet up in the lobby and talk about the biology class. Kid Gladiator is shocked that a white cell defeated him in combat. Wolverine asks Quentin to come with him. They get into a spaceship, and Quentin asks what they are going to do. Wolverine takes off and they go to space.

Hank analyzes Kitty, who says that she wasn't pregnant two days ago as she rubs her large belly. Seeing the results on a screen, Hank quickly sounds the alert, to Kitty's surprise. Hank tells Kitty that she is not pregnant, she is under attack. Showing her the screen, Hank reveals to Kitty that her uterus contains Brood drones.

Hearing the alert, the students are instructed to go to the panic rooms. Broo feels the other Brood in his head.

Hank shows Iceman and Rachel what he found. He tells them that the Broodlings inside Kitty are not trying to take her over, they are not even trying to get out; instead, they are just trying to kill her. When Bobby asks how this happened, Hank replies that he found three Brood in the school's air filters. Rachel says that they could all be infected. Hank says that the egg sac has infected only Kitty.

Suddenly, Kid Gladiator comes into the lab. Still angry that a white cell defeated him and taking a shrinking suit, Kid Gladiator shrinks down and gets inside Kitty's body, beginning a fight with the Brood.

Meanwhile, Broo is kneeling in pain, begging the other Brood not to kill his friends.

In space, Wolverine tells Quentin that they have to save the school.

S.W.O.R.D. agents attack an alien ship orbiting Earth and place its crew under custody for trying to enter Earth illegally. The alien in command unders his forces, composed of Brood, to kill the soldiers. After the soldiers have been killed, another alien tells the leader that they can no longer use their ship to arrive at Earth, but the leader replies that they no longer need a ship. Taking breathing devices, the alien leads the Brood to Earth. Their plan is to attack the Jean Grey School.

To be continued...

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• Kitty Pryde is pregnant?!? • A billion Brood?!? • How could things get worse?

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