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Kid Omega

Appearing in "Mutatis Mutandis (Part 2): Always bet on X!"

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Synopsis for "Mutatis Mutandis (Part 2): Always bet on X!"

Wolverine and Kid Omega arrive at a casino on planet Sin, hoping to win a large sum of money to keep the Jean Grey School running.

Meanwhile, the X-Men shrink down to microscopic size and fight the Brood inside Kitty's body. Kid Gladiator fights the Brood in Kitty's heart. Beast tells Kitty that a team of S.W.O.R.D. paramedics are en route to the school to help her.

The mysterious alien has reached the school and orders the Brood to attack. While he fights Krakoa, a Brood infiltrates the school and uses the ventilation system to reach Kitty.

Broo arrives at Kitty, saying that he can feel the other Brood in his head. He also tells her that there is another Brood in the school. The enemy Brood attacks them, forcing Kitty and Broo to run.

The X-Men find Kid Gladiator but they are attacked by more Brood, causing them to lose Kid Gladiator again.

The alien enters the school and tells his forces to continue the attack, saying that the state of the universe is in their hands.

In Sin, Logan has managed to acquire a lot of money. He has been using Kid Omega's powers to win in all games. However, two workers becomes suspectful of them and decide to bring in the worm.

Kitty and Broo arrive at Iceman's office. Kitty orders the computer to protect Broo, causing a forcefield to appear around him. She communicates with Husk and Doop, asking if they are okay. Husk says that they are but they are going to check out if there are intruders at the school. Kitty tells them not to and orders the computer to keep everyone in lockdown, as she wants to handle this. Kitty grabs a gun and kills the Brood attacking her.

Inside Kitty's body, Warbird finds Kid Gladiator.

Suddenly, Kitty is attacked by the mysterious alien. Kitty asks the alien why is he trying to kill her, and the alien replies he is not here for her.

Meanwhile at Sin, Logan and Quentin prepare to leave the casino. However, the two alien managers have used their worm to discover that Logan and Quentin have been cheating and send their security guards after them.

Kitty has been incapacitated by the alien, who is about to attack his real target: Broo.

The X-Men discover that the Brood have transformed Kid Gladiator into one of their own.

Logan and Quentin fight the casino's security guards.

To be continued...

Solicit Synopsis

• Things get worse! • Wolverine & Kid Omega go to an intergalactic casino to win enough money to keep the Jean Grey School going!

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