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Quote1.png You, Iceman, are without no doubt the most vigorous male I have encountered since coming to Earth. Tell me, have you ever conducted mating rituals with someone while trapped inside the body of another being and surrounded by flesh-eating aliens? Because I have. Quote2.png
Warbird to Iceman

Appearing in "Mutatis Mutandis (Conclusion): It Ain't Easy Bein' Brood"

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Synopsis for "Mutatis Mutandis (Conclusion): It Ain't Easy Bein' Brood"

The alien pins Broo down, while Broo asks what did he do wrong. Broo asks for a chance to reason with the alien, to which he accepts. Broo asks the alien who is his employer, and the alien replies that no one. When Broo asks if he is a bounty hunter, the alien answers that he is an extreme zoologist. He identifies himself as Professor Xanto Starblood, and he is here on a mission of science.

Inside Kitty's abdomen, the battle between the X-Men and the Broodlings continues. Warbird and Iceman discover that Kid Gladiator has been turned into a Brood. Meanwhile, Beast reaches the Brood egg sac and tells Iceman to keep Kid Gladiator busy. Suddenly, Kid Gladiator blasts Iceman in the head.

Meanwhile, the Bamfs reach Kitty and teleport her away.

Broo and Starblood continue their conversation. Broo replies that he is aware of Starblood's work, but he is surprised that Starblood would resort to murder to prove his theories. Starblood replies that anyone not willing to murder for the sake of science is not scientist at all. When Broo asks why does Starblood wants to kill him, Starblood says that there is a precise order in the universe that dictates that by nature, all Brood are savage and ruthless monsters. However, Broo is capable of feeling compassion, and therefore, he is an anomaly that must be purged.

On planet Sin, Logan and Quire fight against the casino's bodyguards. Quire manifests his psychic energy in the form a weapon, much like Psylocke and and Rachel Grey, and creates a psychic shotgun.

On the Jean Grey school, Broo avoids Starblood's attacks and asks him if he was the one who infected Kitty. Starblood confirms this, saying that Kitty's history with the Brood made her the most effective distraction. Broo also states that he is aware of a prophecy that foretells the coming of a new race of Brood capable of feeling compassion and asks Starblood if he believes him to be the precursor of that race. Starblood simply replies that Broo is an abomination that must be eliminated before he violates the order of the universe.

Suddenly, Kitty arrives and tells the Bamfs to attack Starblood while she evacuates Broo.

Inside Kitty, Beast tries to remove the egg sac while Iceman (who survived Kid Gladiator's attack) and Warbird continue fighting the Brood. Iceman freezes Kid Gladiator up while Beast places a detonator in the egg sace

As Logan and Quire continue their fight against the guards, the casino's managers release the "Thing" and use it against Logan.

The Bamfs teleport Starblood to the courtyard, where Starblood is attacked by Krakoa. However, Starblood re-enters the school and incapacitates Kitty. As Kitty moans that she thinks she's gonna be sick, Broo goes berserk and attacks Starblood. Suddenly, Kitty lets out a massive urp, causing the X-Men to be expelled from her body. Beast restrains Broo, telling that it's all over.

Later, Abigail Brand and a group of S.W.O.R.D. agents arrive at the school to clean up the mess. They also take Kid Gladiator away, and Brand says that he should be back to normal by the next day. Kid Gladiator retains his consciousness and demands to be released, saying that he is comfortable with his new appearance. She also orders Kitty to be injected with centaurian penicilin, which will kill off the remaining Brood inside her. Starblood is arrested by S.W.O.R.D. and taken into custody, but not before he tells Broo that while he is more eloquent than his brethren, he is a Brood after all.

Before Kitty is taken away, she kisses Bobby, to which Warbird replies with jealousy.

At night, Paige and Rachel discover that Krakoa can grow diamonds the size of a grapefruit, solving their economic problems. However, Broo silently sits alone in a tree, looking towards the night sky.

Meanwhile, Logan awakens in their ship, which is being piloted by Quire. When Logan asks how can Quire fly the ship, Quire replies that he extracted the flight instructions from his mind, along with about 57 different ways to kill someone. Quire believes that they should go back and recover their money, but Logan discovers that his legs have been fractured and he screams in pain, so Quire decides to get back home.

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• A Pregnant Kitty Pryde, Broo The Broodling, And An Army Of Bamfs Vs. An All-New, Unstoppable Alien Foe! • Meanwhile, Beast, Iceman, & Rachel Grey Shrink Down Inside Their Friend To Deal With Her…Condition! • Plus, Wolverine Deals With A Problem You Never Thought He’d Face…

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