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Synopsis for "A Little Impossible"

Sabretooth trains Kade Kilgore in combat. Sabretooth tells Kilgore, who is holding a knife, to think of him as the thing he hates the most: Wolverine's school. Kilgore slashes Sabretooth in the limbs and the head, but Sabretooth tells him that's not going to work. Then, Kilgore stabs him in the heart, Sabretooth is pleased.

At the Jean Grey School, Henry McCoy checks up on Logan's legs and reveals that aliens used a matter transmutation ray to weaken the atoms of his adamantium bones, rendering them breakable. To fix them, he will have to recreate that transmutation progress to surgically repair each of the deformations.

At Kilgore's headquarters, Sabretooth tells Kilgore that even if he gains pleasure from slowly hurting his enemies, the best way to destroy them is to hit them in the heart. Everything has a heart, even a school. Sabretooth asks Kilgore what's the school's heart, and Kilgore replies that the heart is Henry McCoy.

Beast takes a spaceship and travels to The Peak, S.W.O.R.D.'s headquarters, to ask Abigail Brand for help. Suddenly, he discovers that the Peak is under attack by Sabretooth.

Angel, believing he is on a mission from God, wants to travel to space so that he can solve Logan's predicament, but he is stopped by Kid Omega, Broo, Genesis, Oya, Kid Gladiator and Warbird. Kid Omega tells Angel to let them come with him, and he agrees. They take a spaceship and blast off into space.

Logan prepares to begin class, but he finds no one in the classroom.

At the Peak, Beast and Sabretooth begin fighting. In that moment, the Peak begins to leave Earth's atmosphere.

As Angel pilots the spaceship, he remembers when he took Logan to the sky yesterday. He let him fall to the ground, believing that a leap of faith would cure his legs. However, Logan remains wounded and Angel believes his faith was not strong enough. Logan replies that Warren is a mutant, not an actual angel, and he needs to remember who he actually is.

As their fight continues, Sabretooth tells Beast that there is a darkness inside of him. He is smarter and stronger than Wolverine and he could put him to shame as a fighter, but at the end of the day, Beast is too much heart and not enough guts. Sabretooth incapacitates Beast and leaves bleeding while he returns to Brand.

Angel and the others arrive at Sin and begin fighting the casino's guards. The normally shy Genesis gets enraged and unleashes his power when one of the guards says something bad about Kansas. During the fight, Angel and Genesis begin to bond, and Evan says that he really believes Warren to be an angel from God. Angel replies that he has no memory of who he is, and Evan shares this feeling. When Angel says they can find out who they are together, Evan agrees.

Sabretooth continues attacking Brand, but Beast distracts Sabretooth long enough for Brand to reach her gun and blast him away. Later, Brand patches Beast up.

As the students return to the school, Angel hands the "Thing" to Logan, saying that instead of having faith in miracles, he had faith in himself and his friends, for they are the miracles.

Back at The Hellfire Club's headquarters, Kilgore and his cohorts reflect on their recent failures. Endure says that his agents found Sabretooth in the moon, Kilgore says that the Hellfire Club still might need Sabretooth, as he was right about stabbing an enemy in the heart. Kilgore says that their objectives have changed. Revealing that he owns several establishments on planet Sin, Kilgore begins playing the security footage from the casino and says that the students are the school's true heart. Kilgore now wonders which one of the students will they strike first.

Solicit Synopsis

• Sabretooth Vs. Beast In The Most Vicious Fight Set To Paper!

• Angel Goes On A Mission To Repair A Broken Wolverine.

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