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Quote1.png You want your damn protocols? FINE! Activate the death commandos! Set them losse on whatever poor soul that wretched bird has chosen to torment this time around! But I'll be damned if you or anyone else in this imperium is going to stop me from rescuing my son! I fly to Earth. May the Gods help us all. And may the X-Men somehow forgive us. Quote2.png
Emperor Gladiator

Appearing in "Day of the Phoenix, Dark Night of the Soul"

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Synopsis for "Day of the Phoenix, Dark Night of the Soul"

On planet Sin, several aliens are making bets on whcih planets will be destroyed on the Phoenix's path to Earth.

Logan and Hank try to get some rest after all their recent troubles, when the school's deep space alarm goes off. The radar shows that the Phoenix Force is nearby. Meanwhile, Kitty explains to Idie about the Phoenix Force.

In that moment, Captain America arrives at the school. Initially, Cap is attacked by hidden traps as part of the school's Danger Room exams, but Wolverine overrides them, allowing the two to have a talk.

At the roooftop, Warbird is trying to medidate when she recieves a transmission from Shi'ar Emperor Gladiator, who tries to warn her about the Phoenix. However, the message is so distorted that Warbird cannot understand what he is saying.

In another part of the school, Cannonball and Husk are giving flying classes to the students using jetpacks. Cannonball tries to talk with Husk, as he believes there is something wrong about her powers, but she ignores him. Then, Kid Omega has a telepathic vision of the Phoenix. Rachel Summers also has the Phoenix vision. The strain of the vision causes Kid Omega to fall to the ground, but Toad uses his tongue to save him. Husk thanks him for saving Quentin, and the two share an intimate moment, but Quentin interrupts them, telling everyone about his vision.

Meanwhile, Cap and Wolverine talk about the Phoenix. According to Wolverine, Cyclops believes that the arrival of the Phoenix will mean the rebirth of mutantkind. He also tells Cap about Hope, the Mutant Messiah. Cap asks his help in saving the world, but Wolverine is reluctant, believing that this will put him in conflict with the X-Men.

Later, Quentin are Rachel are taking to the infirmary, and Kitty tells Logan that they had a vision of the Phoenix. Logan tells Kitty to get the staff together. He then goes outside and stands in front of the Jean statue, asking Jean what he should do. He then finds Idie, who is having lunch alone. The two share a tender moment.

As the staff gathers on the conference room, Logan informs them about the Phoenix. Beast has agreed to join a space team that will confront the Phoenix at Earth's orbit while Logan will join to an Avenger team that will take Hope into protective custody. Logan tells everyone that their first priority to keep the students safe. After the meeting ends, Beast confronts Logan about his fear that he will have to kill Hope if she goes Dark Phoenix, saying that she is just a child. Logan replies that there are lives at stake, and Beast's duty is to stop the Phoenix. As they go to their respective mission, Blindfold begins to cry.

At the Shi'ar homeworld, a servant of Emperor Gladiator tells him that they have lost contact with Earth. She says that they should activate the Phoenix Protocols. Gladiator knows that she is talking about the Death Commandos. He agrees to activate the protocols, but he also orders her to get his fastest ship ready. He will fly to Earth to save his son, and he is praying that the X-Men forgive them.


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