Appearing in "No Future?: Part Two"

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  • War King's battle axe
  • Logan's pocket watch


  • Hisako's armor mech construct
  • Storm's fishing boat

Synopsis for "No Future?: Part Two"

Storm and Wolverine finally go out on a proper date, opting for a private dinner in The World. They extend their date into a week-long vacation; at its end they are captured and later begged by Azuth the Elder to help him defeat the War King (an evolved remnant of the Weapon Plus program). After their victory, Storm and Wolverine are honored by the people of The World and help their society to flourish. Under later pressure from Wolverine, Azuth confesses that the War King was a past pupil of his who he couldn't sway from his darker ambitions. The two X-Men remain in The World for a year local time, leading a solitary but comfortable life, before opting to resume their duties with the X-Men. Since time moves faster within The World, they have only been gone a matter of hours or days in the real world.

Meanwhile, Armor attempts to move the armor construct the BAMFs ripped her from in the previous issue. Due to her lack of progress, she lashes out at the construct in a moment of anger, causing it to explode into several large fragments. Storm, having just returned from The World, picks up a piece and extends her hand to Armor as a sign of encouragement to keep trying.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Logan and Storm go on a long overdue date!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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